Changes in the extent of Melaleuca halmaturorum coverage at Patawalongs Creek, SA

Patawalonga Creek at Adelaide Airport contains a remnant stand of Melaleuca halmaturorum, listed by the National Trust of Australia for its natural heritage values. Since settlement, the stand had been impacted by earthmoving, channelisation of the creek, weed incursions and changes in flow regime. The individual layers provided here show how this stand has changed over time since Adelaide Airport Limited and the Friends of Patawalonga Creek undertook to manage the site in 1998. Since that time the Melaleuca cover has increased by 55%.

You need to have the free Google Earth software installed on your computer to access these data layers.

Run or download the following Google Earth layers:

1989 extent

1991 extent

2002 extent

2004 extent

2006 extent

2008 extent

If you select SAVE, the layers will be saved to a directory you specify on your hard drive. From there you can open them by double-clicking on them. This will cause Google Earth to start. Alternatively you may open Google Earth then navigate to the files to load them.

If you select RUN, the layers will be treated as .zip files by Internet Explorer, and your unzip program will start. Allow it to open the files and then simply click on the file inside. Google Earth will start up automatically.

Once you have loaded all the layers into Google Earth, you can t urn the layers on and off to see the changes in coverage over time.

The mapping of each year's coverage was undertaken using georectified aerial photography in the GIS package TNTmips. The georectification was conducted at a different scale to that used to georectify the satellite imagery in Google Earth, so there may be some small discrepancies between the overlaying layers and the Google Earth imagery.

Other species (she-oaks, boxthorn and dillon berries) of trees and shrubs growing on the site are a similar size, but are not included in these layers. Groundtruthing, conducted by botanists with GPS units who visited the site and manually recorded Melaleuca locations, was used to confirm species identification.

If you are interested in joining the Friends of Patawalonga Creek in their efforts to restore this site, please contact Adelaide Airport Limited's Environmental Division on 08-8308-9211

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