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The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Adelaide Local Meeting joined with our neighbours (including St Peter’s Cathedral, St Marks College, the Adelaide Oval and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital) to work towards establishing a local green precinct (the Green Cathedral Precinct) that aims to be sustainable in its use of water and power.

As a first step, we decided to have a carbon footprint audit of the North Adelaide Meeting House premises undertaken. The audit calculated the quantity of energy and water used by the Meeting, and the Meeting's contribution to carbon emissions. Click here to read a summary of the audit's findings for the Meeting House.

If you are interested in working out the carbon footprint of your home, school or workplace, we have placed a 'how-to' manual here that shows how you can undertake your own carbon footprint audit.

As a result of the audit we identified a range of energy, waste and water saving initiatives. Our progress in implementing these inititatives can be tracked here, where we have a table that shows what we are doing to reduce our carbon footprint.

One of the major initiatives we identified was the installation of a photovoltaic system of ten solar power panels on the roof of our Library and Children's Room. The Australian Greenhouse Office in Canberra has approved a Community Grant, worth approximately $12 000, towards the cost of installing solar panels. The grant represents roughly half of the cost of installing 10 x 205watt solar panels. These solar panels will generate more than our electricity requirements for most of the year. Some statistics:

  • Over 25 years these solar panels will save 87 tonnes of greenhouse gases.
  • Over 25 years these solar panels will save 11 281 623 litres of water.
  • Each year, these solar panels will offset approximately 3753kWh of fossil fuel generated electricity from the Port Augusta and Torrens Island power stations.

Why not click here and see a comparison of our old power usage and out new power usage? Or here to see photographs of our photovoltaic system?


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