What changes have we made so far?



Energy saving measure


Auto-timed 'switch-off' for the bar heaters in the library


Movement sensor security lights


Hot water system switch


Double window glazing in the children’s room


Air conditioner set for maximum of 20 degrees in winter and a minimum of 27 degrees in summer

Ongoing educative process
Replacement of light globes with energy efficient fluorescent globes Complete
Replacement of appliances such as stoves & fridges with energy efficient models Will be implemented on replacement - as appliance reaches the end of its life
Replacement of hot water system with energy efficient gas or solar HWS Will be impemented on replacement
Installation of draught excluders where required We will look at this over this winter

Potential savings:

  • 91.3 kg CO 2 emissions per annum for lighting
  • 85.4 kg CO 2 emissions per annum for heating/cooling
  • 100-139 kg CO 2 emissions per annum for refrigeration


As embodied carbon is frequently the largest carbon impact for an item, Friends have been advised by the carbon footprint auditors to replace items only when they have reached the end of their life, purchase good quality items with a long design life and maintain all appliances assiduously. Where items are disposed prior to the end of their useful life, reuse and recycling should be considered.

Progress: Ongoing educative process.


Two rainwater tanks provide water for the Meeting House gardens. Excess rainwater and stormwater from the site will be directed into the large underground water tanks of our neighbours (St Mark's College) who will use this stormwater for irrigating the grounds of the College.

Progress: It is envisaged that the underground tanks and connections will be in place by the end of 2009.

Clean energy and offsets



Install a photovoltaic system on the roof of the Library and Children's Room Installed 25 May 2009
Tariff change Complete - this was a temporary measure to address carbon impacts until those impacts could be addressed by process or infrastructure change.
Carbon credits Friends are reminded that they can offset their vehicle use, public transport & airline travel emissions by purchasing carbon credits from Quaker Service Australia.

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