Common coastal weeds in the Gulf St Vincent area

These plants are common weeds in saltmarsh, chenier ridges, coastal berms and tidal/freshwater wetlands of the Gulf St Vincent area. Plants in the list below that have a hyperlink are linked to photographs. Please note the copyright information at the bottom of this page.

Scientific name

Common name

Acacia cyclops

Western coastal wattle

Acacia saligna

Golden wreath wattle

Agave spp

Century plant, sisal plant

Ammophila arenaria

Marram grass

Arctotheca calendula


Arctotheca populifolia

Cape beach daisy, dune arctotheca

Bromus diandrus

Great brome

Cakile maritima

European sea-rocket

Carpobrotus edulis

Hottentot fig, South African pigface

Critesion hystrix (sometimes placed in Hordeum)

Mediterranean barleygrass

Cynara cardunculus

Wild artichoke

Ehrharta villosa

Pyp grass

Elymus elongatus (or Thinopyrum elongatum)

Tall wheat grass

Elymus farctus (or Thinopyrum junceum)

Sea wheat grass

Emex spp.

Three-cornered jack

Eragrostis curvula

African lovegrass

Euphorbia paralias

Mediterranean spurge, sea-spurge

Euphorbia terracina False caper, carnation weed

Galenia pubescens

Coastal galenia

Gazania spp


Juncus acutus

Spiny rush

Lagurus ovatus

Hare's-tail grass

Lavatera (Malva) arborea

Tree mallow

Limonium lobatum

Statice, winged sea-lavender

Limonium X campanyonis

Sea lavender

Lycium ferocissimum

African boxthorn

Marrubium vulgare


Melianthus major


Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Common ice-plant

Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum

Slender ice-plant

Myrsiphyllum asparagoides  (Asparagus asparagoides)

Bridal creeper

Nicotiana glauca

Tree tobacco

Oenothera stricta

Evening primrose

Olea europaea

Olive tree

Parapholis incurva

Curly rye, coast barbgrass

Pentzia (Oncosiphon) suffruticosum

Calomba daisy

Rapistrum rugosum

Turnip weed

Ricinus communis

Castor oil plant

Romulea spp

Guildford grass, onion grass

Solanum elaeagnifolium

Silver-leaf nightshade, white horse nettle

Tamarix aphylla

Tamarisk or Athel pine

Watsonia spp


Xanthium spinosum

Bathurst burr

Xanthium strumarium

Noogoora burr

The plants with a hyperlink are linked to photographs. Many of these are links to the Western Australian Herbarium's FloraBase photographic database, Australian National Botanic Garden's excellent database of pictures housed in Canberra, Rutgers State University's Weed Gallery, the South-West School of Botanical Medicine, the Flora of Europe site, the Epidemie project and Texas A&M University. Other photographs have been supplied by Delta Environmental Consulting. Please respect the photographers' copyright. Contact the copyright owners through their websites if you wish to use any of their photographs for commercial uses. Contact Delta Environmental Consulting by email.


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