Consulting and Fieldwork

Updated: 15 December 2015 (lab service description updated)

Delta's consultants are available to undertake a wide range of services including sampling, monitoring and discharge monitoring programmes for waterways, intertidal areas, wetlands and revegetation projects, flora and fauna biodiversity surveys, site environmental surveys, solar saltfield and evaporation basin design and modelling, GIS habitat change assessments, land use histories, enterprise carbon footprinting, compliance audits and research programs. Our private laboratory can provide rapid turnaround times and economical analyses for a range of parameters, as part of a project.

Our consultants can quote for a tranche of work or a complete project. Our services may also be retained, where a client is unsure of the magnitude of work required, at a negotiated rate for specfic periods of time, at either FTE or a negotiated PTE.

Some of the projects our consultants have undertaken are provided for your information in the register of projects.

Descriptions of the contents of common biodiversity and management planning reports offered by Delta are available here. Please ring the office on the numbers provided on the Contact Us page to discuss your specific requirements.

Please note the following important detail about CONTAMINATED SITE studies: Preliminary site investigation reports provided by Delta Environmental Consulting do not purport to be contaminated site audit reports, as the consultants are not certified auditors under the Victorian EPA auditor certification scheme. Delta Environmental Consulting does not engage in the classification of land proposed for ‘sensitive uses’ such as residential or kindergarten development. If the client requires a contaminated site auditor to audit Delta’s site report this can be provided additionally, at cost plus a 15% coordination fee.

Delta Environmental Consulting's Terms of Agreement are published on this site for your information.

Consulting time includes actual consultation, planning, inspections, preparation of samples and equipment, travelling, delays or breaks due to weather, industrial unrest, bogging of equipment and site conditions beyond the direct control of Delta, field testing, analysis and calculation, drafting and word processing, presentation of results, interpretation and reporting. They shall be charged according to the categories below.


Without GST

GST inclusive

Fieldwork hourly rate (scientist, environmental manager) $90.00 per hour $99.00 per hour
In-house desk work (eg literature reviews, developing presentations) $110.00 per hour $121.00 per hour
In-house research, report writing, and desk audits $150.00 per hour $165.00 per hour
Identification of flora and macroinvertebrates $150.00 per hour $165.00 per hour
Use of vehicle $0.75 per km $0.83 per km
Travelling time $35.00 per hour $38.50 per hour
Accomodation at site at cost (GST excl) or $300 per day per person at cost (GST incl) or $330 per day per person
Use of field equipment (Horiba, meters etc) $40.00 per day $44.00 per day
Sample handling, packing, despatch and collation of results when sent to a third party laboratory $6.00 per sample plus containers at cost $6.60 per sample plus containers at cost
Services of other consultants, contractors & bureaux cost (GST excl) +15% cost - GST paid +15% + GST due
Hire of additional equipment, including time of any delays listed above cost (GST excl) +15% cost - GST paid +15% + GST due
Expendable items such as piezometers, artificial substrates cost (GST excl) +15% cost - GST paid +15% + GST due
Specific materials for a given project, eg maps, aerial photos, photography, permit fees cost (GST excl) +15% cost - GST paid +15% + GST due
Communications (phone calls, fax, email, courier) cost (GST excl) +15% cost - GST paid +15% + GST due
Special insurance for specific projects cost (GST excl) +15% cost - GST paid +15% + GST due

Delta Environmental Consulting provides invoices with 14 days to pay. Payments by cheque, cash and direct deposit (EFT) acceptable.